A Rare Thank-You from Theo (Alert the Media!)

I had intended to post my additional comments today about getting fed on “weekends” – as humans call them, because those two days of the week seem to be so different from the other five days. But instead, I overheard my human talking about some “charity” she supports, which takes in Cats (as well as dogs, but hey, nobody’s perfect) that no human wants. And they keep these Cats (and dogs) until someone will give them a forever home. My humans were talking about this week being something called “Adopt A Less Adoptable Pet Week” and they said lots of black Cats (like me except I am really not totally black) and black dogs, plus older animals and animals with health problems, don’t get adopted because of a lot of reasons. None of the reasons they mentioned seem like good reasons to me. Doesn’t every animal deserve a good home and loving humans?

Here is a picture of another Cat who looks a little bit like me. His name is Tug and he is at the “no-kill shelter” my humans like, Furkids. He deserves a loving home as nice as mine, don’t you think?

According to my female human, an animal that does not get into a “no-kill shelter” could end up, well – I can hardly type these words – dead. This is, of course, horrible to contemplate. But then I started thinking. It’s been a long time since I came to live with my two humans, who call each other “Linda” and “Michael” and a bunch of other nicknames too embarrassing to publish. But when I thought back, I did realize that my humans took me in to live with them just like this no-kill shelter they talk about. I was in pretty bad shape, I have to confess. I was really hungry, because I had been tossed out of my original humans’ house at some point and left to “take care of myself.” But I was not much more than a Kitten!

When I saw my two humans walking in their neighborhood that fateful day, something just  told me to follow them. They didn’t want me to, but I did it anyway. And they did take me in and feed me and I got some much-needed sleep. (It’s scary and exhausting being a small Kitten out on your own with no idea where your food or shelter is coming from.) However, that was not the end of it. They talked and talked about finding my “real” owners, and they put up signs, and all kinds of stuff. They even had some awful strangers come to the house to look at me to see if they would take me instead.

Well, I could have told them stories about my previous humans but it would probably just upset my poor humans even more than they were already. The important thing is, eventually they came to their senses and decided to keep me. I really don’t think they had much choice in the matter, but they seem to think so. I’ve been here a good long time now and I have to say, it beats the heck out of the alternative. My humans are really good to me, for the most part. They feed me well and give me treats, and they know exactly the right places to stroke, rub and scratch. They’ve even made up some songs just for me. Those songs really make me purr.

So just in case I haven’t said it already to Linda and Michael: THANK YOU. Thank you for taking me in, for loving me, feeding me, and giving me a wonderful forever home. I love you guys. There. I said it. Don’t get cocky, I probably won’t ever say it again.

Signing off now. I feel a powerful urge to wash my face.