This original illustration of Karma in her later years was our holiday card in 2004. When Karma finally left us in 2006, I re-issued the card with a little story of her life. This is still many peoples’ favorite card, of all the ones I’ve created.
Linda and Buster (featured in an article on web design for small businesses, Atlanta Business Chronicle, April 2001). Buster passed away on 9/14/02, but lives on in many hearts.
Theo on his window seat in our studio. Theo’s full name is Theobold the Magnificent, Panther Boy of Death. He earned this large name over time with his major league Cattitude, of course! He’s also called Mr. T (as in, “I pity the fool who don’t bring me my breakfast on time!”)

Linda McCulloch, creator of Art with Cattitude

Art with Cattitude sprang out of my love of drawing, cartooning, cats and humor (not necessarily in that order). I’ve had cats almost all my life, since I was six years old. In order of appearance in our family: Tiger, Mitzi, TG, Spooky (and her three kittens, Stubby, Chubby and Cubby– we kept Cubby and renamed her Smudge).

Then I went to Ringling School of Art, and became a graphic designer and illustrator. After graduation, I moved to Atlanta and started a whole new series of cats: Prince, Gammon, Caruso, Travis, Nijinsky, Karma, Buster and now Theo. Most of our cats were either strays or adopted from shelters. Many lived to a ripe old age, and of course they were all a part of our families.

By far our two longest-lived cats so far were Karma (upper right) and Buster (middle right). Karma lived to be 21 and a half years old. She was beautiful, but boy did she have major Cattitude. She could have invented the word! Buster was just the oppposite, a big ol’ love sponge. He was an adult starving stray who just showed up at our back door, and lived to be at least 18 or older. Karma had been dumped on the street, along with her mother and two brothers; we adopted her as a kitten from the woman who had taken all three of them in.

And now, we have Theo (lower right). Theo just showed up on our street one day and adopted us – we had no say whatsoever! And he’s been “large and in charge” ever since.