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Name: Linda McCulloch
Date registered: April 11, 2012


I've always "channeled" what I thought my cats would be saying. As a professional graphic designer and illustrator with (I am told) a great sense of humor, I finally decided to take all those elements and combine them into Art with Cattitude. The humor comes naturally and also simply by observing cats (mine and others). I find cats endlessly fascinating and amusing, and I don't think I could live in a house without a cat. I've had many cats, but only one husband, Michael, who has been my rock and support for over 25 years. I hope you will enjoy Art with Cattitude!

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  2. Theo and the Magic Cabinet of Heaven — October 25, 2012
  3. Art with Cattitude: The Creative Process — October 11, 2012
  4. More about Beloved Karma of Blessed Memory (and Empress of Everything) — August 23, 2012
  5. Neutering Theo: a Cautionary Tale (or should it be Tail…?) — August 16, 2012

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Black Cats and Fun Facts

Theo the Cat smelling a Halloween "Boo" bag brought in from outside

As I write this blog post, it is the day of Halloween. October 31, 2012. Rather than try to say something about black cats and Halloween that is original, I decided to look out on the vast land that is the Internet and see what I could find. So here goes. First a little something …

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Theo and the Magic Cabinet of Heaven

Okay, the cabinet is not really magic. And it doesn’t really contain Heaven. But Theo sure thinks it does. Theo is what animal trainers call “very food-motivated” which is a nice way of saying he’s a greedy fur pig when it comes to treats. Because of his inherited urinary tract issues, he’s on a special …

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Art with Cattitude: The Creative Process

Cat saying, Come rub my belly, I promise I won't bite your hand...really!

Like a lot of creative people, I often get asked how I come up with ideas. Well, in my case, sometimes it’s in the car. Sometimes in the shower. Sometimes when I am doing something else entirely. In my corporate career ( and my creativity is more “on demand” – that is, I usually …

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More about Beloved Karma of Blessed Memory (and Empress of Everything)

Even though Karma has been gone a while, she is remembered – and vividly so – by those of us who had the “honor” to know her. I put the word honor in quotes because truthfully, Karma turned out to be only a one-and-a-half person cat. How so? She loved me and tolerated Michael. Everyone …

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Neutering Theo: a Cautionary Tale (or should it be Tail…?)


You know, there are some darn good reasons that kittens get neutered early these days. When you go to adopt one at a shelter or other facility, they’ve usually already been taken care of. Of course, that’s because so many people can’t be trusted to take care of that on their own, thereby allowing their …

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How Our Cats Come to Us (or, “The Tucker Suckers”)

Like many cat lovers, our cats choose us. We rarely get to choose them. Karma (of blessed and bitchy memory) was chosen, but first she was dumped, along with her mother and two brothers. Someone dumped the mama cat and three little kittens along Ponce de Leon and a saintly woman took them in. She …

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Full Name: Theobold the Magnificent, Panther Boy of Death (and how his name got that big)

Well, once we decided to keep Theo and had him neutered (another whole story), we had to name him. My husband and I both being artists, we came up with lots of creative names, some in other languages, some based on Greek or Roman myths. None of them stuck. Then one day a friend was …

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First Name, Theo. Full Name…?


Theo came to us out of nowhere. As so frequently happens, we had no intention of getting another cat. Oh yes, we had a cat already and had recently lost another one in the past few years, due to old age. The one we had left, Karma, was already very old. She was over 18 …

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Launching Art with Cattitude: A Whole Other Animal

So, if you’ve read the Creation Story, you may remember it took over a year to this baby off the ground. “Why was that?” you ask. “Did it take you that long to draw all the cat art?” Heck no! The art was a breeze, compared to everything that had to go into launching the …

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