Black Cats and Fun Facts

As I write this blog post, it is the day of Halloween. October 31, 2012. Rather than try to say something about black cats and Halloween that is original, I decided to look out on the vast land that is the Internet and see what I could find. So here goes. First a little something about Theo (as usual); then I will hand over the keyboards to some other knowledgeable cat lovers.

Of all the types of cats that are adopted, black cats are adopted in fewer numbers than any other kind of cat. This means that more of them do get euthanized. So recently, animal shelters have been holding special adoption days for black cats, and even for black and white cats. Apparently the stories that black cats are only adopted in order to be tortured during Halloween are mostly urban myths. However, that doesn’t mean you should let YOUR black cat roam free on Halloween night. Far from it! So I brought Halloween in the house to Theo. This “BOO!” bag had been sitting out by our mailbox for over a week. Clearly it has been the recipient of some VERRRRRY interesting smells. Theo was compelled to examine it from all angles, smelling it suspiciously the entire time.

Theo the Cat smelling a Halloween "Boo" bag brought in from outside

Hmmm… what’s this? Smells like other cats I think! It’s been outside and someone has marked it with HIS smell. I don’t like this one little bit. Sniffffff…. sniffff….. Hmph! I do not find this amusing in the least.

From the Petsafe.net blog, by Roslyn Ayers in Knoxville, TN: 13 Reasons to Love Black Cats. http://www.petsafe.net/blog/2012/10/26/13-reasons-to-love-black-cats/ I particularly like these items:

8.  Black cats are like mini panthers. The Bombay is a lovable breed distinguished by its sleek black coat and gorgeous golden eyes. Their nickname is the “parlor panther,” because of their resemblance to the big cat.

9.  Black goes with everything. Place a black cat on your lap and notice the slimming effect. No matter your décor or color preference, black is the perfect complementary color, much like a black cat’s personality can be the perfect match to yours.

10.  Black fur won’t show up on black clothes, so whether you’re wearing comfy black sweatpants or a little black dress, you won’t have to worry about those little black hairs giving you away as a cat lover.

If you have a black cat like I do, and you have trouble getting good photos of him or her, this photographer has all kinds of good tips on her website. Her name is Devon Cattell (perfect last name for a cat lover, no?) http://www.cattell.net/devon/BlackCats/bc.html

She points out that black cat faces are very hard to photograph well and provides lots of helpful information that I will definitely keep in mind the next time I try to take pics of Theo.

For more fun and informative facts about black cats, check out this article from Jennifer Copleyhttp://suite101.com/article/black-cat-facts-a360011Here are just a few facts: A Japanese superstition holds that a black spot on a cat indicates that the soul of a dead ancestor dwells within it. Other superstitions involving black cats have included the belief that a black cat meeting up with a funeral procession augurs another death in the family, and that finding a single white hair on a black cat will bring good fortune.

Until next time, remember that black cats are beautiful (or handsome!), smart, engaging, fun and need good homes even more than tabbies do!