Art with Cattitude Cards and Special Requests

Each piece of original Cattitude art is available in a package of 12 note cards and 13 envelopes. Each card in the set is different; all 12 cards are shown below. The cards are printed on heavyweight card stock made from 100% recycled paper, and tied with satin ribbon in a gift format for $34.95, not including shipping (add $5.20 for US Postal Service delivery. Please contact us for international orders). Cards are blank on the inside for you to write your own messages; envelopes are blank and are also made from 100% recycled stock.

If you particularly love one or more of the cats in our Cattitude Card selection, and would like a customized set of 12, made up of specific individual cats, please fill out a special request and we will do our best to accommodate your needs. A small additional charge may apply.

Want to see one of these cuties on a T-shirt, tank top, tote bag or other specialty item? We can create that for you as a special order. Check out our special request page. We have several items already available for custom orders. Allow at least two (2) weeks for your custom order(s) to be created, finished and sent to you. Shipping charges will also apply and will be based upon total weight and shipping address.

* All prices are subject to change without notice, due to changes in costs of raw material, production and shipping costs.


Unhappy Party Hat Cat

I know many of us like to take pictures of our cats dressed up or with funny hats on. But let’s admit it. Although they may look cute to us, and of course dogs don’t mind this demeaning behavior, the look on your cat’s face pretty much says it all.

Fat Cat

He’s not a fat cat. He’s just fluffy! Very, very fluffy!

Yoga Cat

I think about this every time I see my cat do a big luxurious stretch. What an insult! Downward facing dog, indeed. I think not!


Ear Twitch Cat

This one really needs no explanation. Anyone who has the honor of living with a cat knows this look. And the ear twitch.


Buddha Cat

This is how our late lamented love sponge, Buster, used to sit in the mornings after breakfast. We used to call him Buddha cat because of this pose.


Laundry Basket Cat

Our current cat, Theo, looks like this. And he sleeps in our laundry basket at night. He’s not a morning cat and rarely gets up until we are out of bed.


Privacy Cats

Yes, let’s give these two some privacy, shall we? Can’t you see they’re bonding?


Cat Ignoring You

Now, if I knew you had some food or at least some treats, that would be a different story…

Can Opener Cat

All our cats have been fed from pop top cans, so logically a can opener should hold no appeal. And yet, they appear every time!


Cat Subduing Puppy

Yes, many people have cats and dogs that get along well. But don’t you think that at least sometimes, the cat might be thinking along these lines?


Cat in a Tree

And if you DO try to get me down, I will probably freak out and claw you. Sorry in advance. Sort of.


Belly Scratch Cat

Oh, how many of us have succumbed to that furry belly and that adorable face, only to end up bleeding from one or more areas? It works almost every time and I swear the cat is laughing.