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Tell me a little bit about your cat. You can describe his/her personality, age, how he came to be living with you, etc. But please be brief!

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Sit back and wait for your 15 minutes of fame. That is, your cat’s 15 minutes of fame.

Yes, I want my cat to be famous – or at least notorious – for his Cattitude!

Well then, you must enter our “Art with Cattitude” Contest!

How does this cool contest work, you ask? Well, first of all it’s free. That’s right, no cost to you at all to enter your most snarky, most amusing, or even most adorable photo of your own personal cat. (Or even that of a friend or loved one!)

So first, just fill out the form. You can submit your own snarky caption (keep it really short though!) or you can let me make one up. Be sure to fill out all the required fields.

Second, upload your photo. CAUTION: Your photo must be in color, must be at least 300 dpi (high resolution) and at least 4 x 5 inches in dimensions. I can’t draw your cat from a photo the size of a postage stamp!

Third, sit back and wait, secure in the knowledge that your cat’s photo will be chosen to be immortalized as an original piece of art. (Well, OK, your cat might not get picked. But that’s a chance you gotta take.)

Wait a minute, I hear you saying. What do I get out of this, other than the aforementioned fame? Aha! You get the original signed artwork that I create, sent to you, if you win! I retain the full rights to the artwork for use in creating more cool Cattitude stuff, but you get the one and only original. How cool is that?

Read the full set of boring rules.