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Theo and the Magic Cabinet of Heaven

Okay, the cabinet is not really magic. And it doesn’t really contain Heaven. But Theo sure thinks it does. Theo is what animal trainers call “very food-motivated” which is a nice way of saying he’s a greedy fur pig when it comes to treats. Because of his inherited urinary tract issues, he’s on a special …

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You say “Vacation”– I say “Abandonment.”

Theo the cat in our luggage, trying to keep us from packing

Well, it’s happened again. Almost as soon as I wrote my thoughts about “weekends’”– and only mentioned “vacation” in passing, my humans up and leave me. And this time, for a whole week. That’s a really, really long time in Cat hours and days. OK, they did leave a pretty nice friend of theirs to …

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A Rare Thank-You from Theo (Alert the Media!)

Black cat at Furkids shelter

I had intended to post my additional comments today about getting fed on “weekends” – as humans call them, because those two days of the week seem to be so different from the other five days. But instead, I overheard my human talking about some “charity” she supports, which takes in Cats (as well as …

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