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You say “Vacation”– I say “Abandonment.”

Theo the cat in our luggage, trying to keep us from packing

Well, it’s happened again. Almost as soon as I wrote my thoughts about “weekends’”– and only mentioned “vacation” in passing, my humans up and leave me. And this time, for a whole week. That’s a really, really long time in Cat hours and days. OK, they did leave a pretty nice friend of theirs to …

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More about Beloved Karma of Blessed Memory (and Empress of Everything)

Even though Karma has been gone a while, she is remembered – and vividly so – by those of us who had the “honor” to know her. I put the word honor in quotes because truthfully, Karma turned out to be only a one-and-a-half person cat. How so? She loved me and tolerated Michael. Everyone …

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How Our Cats Come to Us (or, “The Tucker Suckers”)

Like many cat lovers, our cats choose us. We rarely get to choose them. Karma (of blessed and bitchy memory) was chosen, but first she was dumped, along with her mother and two brothers. Someone dumped the mama cat and three little kittens along Ponce de Leon and a saintly woman took them in. She …

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First Name, Theo. Full Name…?


Theo came to us out of nowhere. As so frequently happens, we had no intention of getting another cat. Oh yes, we had a cat already and had recently lost another one in the past few years, due to old age. The one we had left, Karma, was already very old. She was over 18 …

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