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You say “Vacation”– I say “Abandonment.”

Theo the cat in our luggage, trying to keep us from packing

Well, it’s happened again. Almost as soon as I wrote my thoughts about “weekends’”– and only mentioned “vacation” in passing, my humans up and leave me. And this time, for a whole week. That’s a really, really long time in Cat hours and days. OK, they did leave a pretty nice friend of theirs to …

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Basic Cat/Human Etiquette

Theo_the_cat_sleeping_in_two positions_one_with_his_paws_over_his_eyes

It should not surprise any of you in CatWorld that there are some basic rules of etiquette governing how we interact with our human slaves (or servants or whatever you prefer to call them). However, it’s probably not very surprising that the humans don’t always seem to know these rules. So, as my first piece …

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