You say “Vacation”– I say “Abandonment.”

Well, it’s happened again. Almost as soon as I wrote my thoughts about “weekends'”– and only mentioned “vacation” in passing, my humans up and leave me. And this time, for a whole week. That’s a really, really long time in Cat hours and days. OK, they did leave a pretty nice friend of theirs to “take care” of me, and he did fairly well. That is, fairly well considering he’s not MY human, doesn’t know me as well as Linda and Michael do, AND he was gone a lot. I mean, a lot. He works more than one job or something. Linda is here a lot when she is working and Michael is here quite a bit too, so they always pay attention to me when they see me napping or when I demand it by rolling around on the floor or whatever. Plus they know exactly where to scratch me and pet me and they give me treats almost every day, which this human most certainly did NOT.

Theo the cat in our luggage, trying to keep us from packing

I try to tell my humans not to leave by sitting in their bags so they can’t pack, but they just don’t seem to get the message!

I’ll tell you, any Cat would be bored to death with nothing to do and nobody to play with all day. BUT the worst part is when the humans start to get ready to go on “vacation.” You can always tell! They go into their closets and dark places and pull out all kinds of stuff you hardly ever see. Big empty bags and cases (although those are fun to sit in and hide in); big coolers for food, backpacks, binoculars, books, cameras, and on and on and on. I try to tell them not to go away by sitting on top of these objects as often as possible, so they can’t put things into them. But they have no respect, or they are just not smart enough to get what I am trying to say. (I suspect the latter.) They just move me out of the way, and the closer they get to when they actually have to leave, the more crazy they act. By the time they are leaving, usually in the morning, they are actually yelling at each other because they are so stressed out. I ask you, is this a good way to go have fun and relax? I don’t think so. But then, when they come back (after days and days and days), they are always in a much better mood. And, they feel sooooo guilty about leaving me behind that I get extra treats and attention for the first few days after they return.

I have to admit I am really happy to see them when they first come home. Still, I usually will nip them or scratch them a little (just a little!) or ignore them for a while, so they know they’ve displeased me. It doesn’t seem to stick with them though. I know they’ll go away again at the first chance they get. Oh well, at least I don’t have to go in the Car to the Horrible Vet. I do get to stay here in my own home with my own toys, bed and food. So it could be worse. But, for a Cat,  you know… it could also always be BETTER.

Theo sitting on the bed and ignoring us

To show my displeasure at my imminent abandonment, I turn my back on Linda and Michael and refuse to say goodbye. Sometimes I use the silent treatment when they come back too, just so they feel more guilty.

Until next time, and I hope your humans don’t ever abandon any of you, my Feline Friends.